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How to Join
We would love for you to become a member of the Windy City Curling Center! You can do so by simply filling out our membership form (PDF) and mailing it in with your payment or by delivering it to us the next time your at the club!

As we are starting off, our membership numbers will help drive the direction of Windy City Curling and help us to obtain additional ice time (better days, better times). We will also be looking to strive to get sponsors and funding and having you as a member will truly help!

Your membership is $75 annually and helps pay for your local and national memberships, insurance and various fees.

Benefits of Membership
Eligible to play in Windy City Curling Leagues
Eligible for discounts or free admission to Open House / Learn to Curls at Windy City Curling
Eligible to participate in local Playdays with other clubs
Member of United States Curling Association (USCA)
Member of Illinois Curling Association (ICA)
Email Updates from us including new curling leagues and opportunities
Eligible to compete in State Playdowns… leading to National Championships, World
Championships and the Olympics!
Eligible to subscribe to Stone Soup – USA Curling’s e-newsletter
Support curling locally and Nationally
Membership ReachTo become a member, you will need to fill out the membership form and sign the appropriate waivers (Adult or Minor). You will need to have both filled out prior to stepping on the ice.

To become a member, you will need to fill out the membership form and sign the appropriate waivers (Adult or Minor). You will need to have both filled out prior to stepping on the ice.

Just to give you a rough idea of who are members are… we are everyone and anyone. From 16 to 60, men and women. On the left is a map of our current membership (each dot is the home of a member) – we also have a few out of state members (Racine, WI and Minneapolis, MN).

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