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Capital Campaign Snapshot
We officially started our capital campaign for our dedicated ice in January 2017 (view/download Capital Campaign Snapshot document).

WHO We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit curling club that is 100% operated by volunteer members.
WHAT We are fundraising for a dedicated curling facility where all members and all guests are provided a warm, inviting atmosphere to curl and socialize
WHEN We started the capital campaign in January 2017 with the goal of being in for the 2018-19 Season.
WHERE Our facility will be located in Chicago’s western suburbs.
WHY We have reached capacity at local ice arenas and the members and guests want a better curling experience.
HOW We are looking to lease a warehouse space and transform it into a curling facility and community center building.


Documents & Downloads
Member Pledge & Donation Drive (February 22, 2017)
Corporate Capital Campaign & Sponsorship Drive (coming soon)


Our Current Situation & Background
We are a curling club and are 100% managed and operated by our awesome volunteer members.  We are currently around 90 members strong and have taught over 1,200 people how to curl since 2014.
We currently rent our ice and curl on hockey ice at Seven Bridges Ice Arena.
The arena is a great starting point, but we can’t grow and will lose members over time because of the ice quality and availability.
Our members and open activities pay for our expensive ice times so it’s hard to save money or build capital.
Our growth rate and interest from the community can easily support our own facility, and this is in spite of our current ice time and quality.
We are an official 501(c)(3) Non for Profit organization so your donations are tax deductible*.


Past & Future Goals
Jan 2014 SUCCESS : Raise capital to acquire equipment and a facility/arena to start play.
April 2014 SUCCESS : Start curling operations during or shortly after the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Winter of 2017 – Fundraising in Progress : Start Capital Campaign to create and move into our own dedicated facility.
2018-19 Season – Move into our own dedicated facility.
2018-19 Season – Begin a Junior Program to involve kids from age 10+ including high school & college leagues.
Winter 2024 – Send a Windy City Curler to the Olympics!  Ok, you asked for our dream vision, right? Ok… 2028?


We would love to receive help however you feel comfortable… whether that is a financial donation, items for us to raffle and auction off or your ability to volunteer. Everything is greatly appreciated. Please call contact us for more information or to chat about anything. Don’t hesitate, we’re a friendly bunch!

* Please consult with your tax professional for more information on tax deductions.