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So you want to learn about curling and maybe even try it yourself. You will find everything you need to know here as well as how to sign up for one of our Learn To Curl sessions. If you are interested in our leagues that we hold throughout the year (late summer – late spring), head over to our League section.

Learn to Curl

Learn to Curls are events that we hold through out the year that allow anyone who is not a member of our club to try curling out for an evening. Absolutely no experience is necessary. We will provide everything needed to get you on the path to becoming an Olympic class curler.

Introduction to Curling: We have an off-ice discussion lead by one of our members about the basics of curling, history, etiquette and safety. This is not a class, it is a conversation. Questions are always welcome.
On-Ice Lesson: Our members will take you on the ice and teach you how to deliver and sweep stones.
Game Play: We will put it all together and get you playing a few ends. Part of this will be talking about strategy as the game progresses.
Wrap Up: After finishing on the ice, we will sit down for a little question and answer about curling, our club, leagues or anything else curling related (see broomstacking)

Several of our members will always be on hand to help you along and to answer any questions you may have! You do not need any special equipment or any prior experience. We only ask that you bring a clean pair of shoes that you are not wearing when you walk in so we can keep the ice clean and to dress warmer since you will be on the ice.

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Group Outings

Have you done a Learn to Curl already and think your company or large group of friends would enjoy it as a group outing? Maybe you just want to give your employees and families a fun night to relax and enjoy something that they are sure to talk about and remember forever. Have you ever asked a friend or co-worker what they did over the weekend to have the response of “Oh yeah, I went curling!” Well now you will get to say that. It is a real conversation starter. Group outings include:

Everything in the Learn to Curl above +
Private Lesson: Have a more dedicated lesson where you know everyone there.
Know You Teams: Instead of playing with others who came to the Learn to Curl, play with your friends, family or coworkers.

We have six sheets which each allow eight people playing at a time. We can accommodate up to 48 people on the ice playing a game at any given moment. You can have more people show up and participate in the practice and drills, but you will need to rotate once the games start. Our members can help fill slots as needed.

Cost is $550 per sheet with a 3-sheet minimum.

At this time, our availability for our ice time is very limited. We can accommodate some weekday day events (typically 12-3pm). Please contact us for availability.