We know you have a lot of questions about curling. Below are most common of those as well as terms and names you will hear while playing/watching the sport. If there is something you don’t see, ask us. We would love to hear from you.

General Questions
Who can curl? Can I?
Anyone can curl! This is a great family sport – there are family teams that contain 3 generations of curlers!  We are looking to build up a juniors program and hoping to get kids as young as 8 or 10. There are members at local clubs that are in their 90s! Truly, this is a game for everyone at just about any athletic and conditioning level. Don’t worry about what you can’t do… just do the best with what you can!
The 2014 Olympics were awesome...and I loved watching it yet again. How do I learn more about Curling and get started?
Ah, that is how most of us got started too! Lucky for you, we are now up and running! You can become a member and join us in a league right away! We have a three leagues this summer that are only 3 weeks long so that would be a great way to get started! Or you can attend one of our Open House / Learn to Curl events first. We’d love to have you any way that we can… the more members and interest we have, the better days/times we’ll get and the closer we’ll get to having our own dedicated space!
What equipment do I need and where do I get it?
A typical curler wears loose fitting clothes in layers. The ice house is typically between 30-40 degrees so it is chilly, but you will warm up fast. A pair of jogging/wind/yoga pants and a couple layers of shirts (tshirt, long sleeve and sweatshirt) should do the trick. The Club will provide stones, sliders, and brooms for you to use. If you decide to join a league, you can then purchase any items you want – we’ll help you find the best equipment for your needs.
What is a Bonspiel?
A bonspiel is a weekend of fun and curling. The term bonspiel just means a curling tournament. These tournaments are held at clubs all over the county on every weekend during the season. Each bonspiel is different, but typically they run about $50-80 / person which includes your curling as well as food and beverages provided the entire weekend. Often times, you will continue to go back to the same bonspiels and build relationships like you’ve never imagined in other sports. Remember, it’s more than curling; it’s community!
What is the hack? What is a Hog? Takeout? Draw?
Just like any other sport, curling has some terms that are frequently used… but don’t worry, you’ll get to speaking curling very quickly. As a primer, we have a Glossary page setup as well to help.
Windy City Curling Center
Where are you located?
We are currently without a home. Our long term goal is a dedicated facility in the western suburbs – specifically around Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Lisle, etc. We are in the process of fundraising and are almost to our goal.
How much will it cost to curl?
The cost to curl varies by club and we are no exception. Our goal is to make it as affordable as possible but we must take into account the costs of renting the ice, the equipment and insurance. Rest assured, we will do our best to keep costs low and be able to introduce and bring in as many curlers as we can!
How can I help with the club started?
Thanks for your support!  We would love to get all the help we can… the easiest way is to become a member and join a league!  Even if you can’t join a league, becoming a member will help us greatly in trying to get funding and sponsors, so please consider doing so.  We are completely volunteer based so any help or expertise you can bring to the table would be so greatly appreciated.
What options are there to play? What is the time commitment?
Playing opportunities vary by club, but we hope to eventually have league play every night in some fashion.  In addition to the standard leagues (mens, womens, mixed), we hope to have a youth league (University, High School, and younger) and will also offer corporate leagues as well.   A league game will last approximately 2 hours on your day/evening of choice.  After you get your feet wet in league play, we recommend a weekend Bonspiel!
What’s the plan for fundraising?
At this time, we are simply asking for your support by joining us and getting involved. We are currently under going market research and feasibility studies to determine the next steps.