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One of the best decisions I’ve made lately was to join the winter league with Windy City Curling. What a great way to end the weekend and start the work week with awesome people every Sunday night!Brooke B.
It took less than an awkward, “Hello, I’m Eric and I think I’m subbing in for one of your teams tonight…?” to have all of those anxieties and fears allayed. From the moment I met Matt, some other leaders of WCCC, and my team for the night, I don’t believe I ever once stopped grinning like an idiot. Every single person at the WCCC that night was incredibly warm and friendly to talk to. more>>Eric R.
I have been a member for almost a year and I have to say it has been a great decision to join. The club is both fun and competitive with a large age range. It is nice to be part of a sport that an older generation like myself (32yrs. I honestly feel older) can compete with teens and twenty-somethings. Because we are a young club and the majority of us are still learning, no one gets upset when you make a mistake. We simply say “don’t worry about it” and try again on the next shot.Brian S.
Great place with great people. Doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or an experienced curler, whether you want to be competitive or just play for the fun of it or if you just want to come out and give it a try, you’re sure to have a good time. Best of all is the camaraderie. I’ve made lasting friendships that go beyond curling and the club itself. Phil D.
Great atmosphere for new and experienced curlers!Simon G.
Great place to learn the sport of curling and great people!Dave J.
Great group of people trying to expand the sport of curling!Matthew M.
Really great people!Belinda J.
Always have a blastMatt G.
Attended a Learn-to-Curl program. Thorough and excellent! I now have a better understanding of the sport.Adam W.
Our first time at it and we managed to score points! Great lesson, great fellowship and teaching from folks that are members.John G.